Monday, March 21, 2011

AJ - The best things come in small packages !!

Sometimes you tend to meet personalities from whom you can learn so much, seeing whom you realise how self-centered you have been and how much you can do for people around. AJ is one such amazing guy and was lucky to have met him in IIM-S.

The best brain in the class, nautanki saala, Bakkar unlimited, Saviour during DIG sessions, cultcomm intiatives, Tour organizing, super imaginative birthday invites, non stop Hindi commentary during cricket.. the list goes on.. AJ was the one responsible for making PGP09 all the more "awesome" !!!

June 21 2010 will always be remembered by each and everyone in PGP09!! May god give you the best things in life because am sure you will give everything you have for making people around you happy !!

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  1. Lovely testimonial for one of the most popular "participants" of your batch!!!